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Security information includes all information that is not publicly disclosed. It may relate to the technology, economy, finance, transactions, or other related issues of the company and each customer profile. It also includes commercially valuable information such as business secrets or economic information, as well as personal information of each customer profile. ALL OF THIS IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.


All personnel of USAsia Pacific Vietnam have the obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the information they receive during their work. This security policy records the security obligations and prohibitions as well as the binding of personnel of USAsia Pacific Vietnam to customers.


USAsia Pacific Vietnam requires all of its employees and personnel to handle all confidential information in a discreet and professional manner. Employees and personnel of USAsia Pacific Vietnam are obligated not to access or attempt to access any information they are not authorized to access. However, USAsia Pacific Vietnam always values the importance of a culture of openness with clear communication and responsibility. USAsia Pacific Vietnam always aims to maintain the safety of individuals, organizations, and customers while expecting all employees and personnel to handle confidential information in a way that will protect the safety of the company and customer records.


• Keep confidential all confidential information.

• Confidential information can only be used for the purposes of fulfilling their obligations as an employee of USAsia Pacific Vietnam.

• Confidential information can only be disclosed to individuals who are aware that this information is confidential and to those who have a need to know (but only to the extent that each person has a need to know).